Attack Surface Management (ASM)

"Know thyself."

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is the continuous process of discovery and analysis of organisational assets to develop and maintain an understanding of the potential attack surface available to attackers. So what does this actually mean?

Every server, IP address, domain name, web application, source code repository or even shared hosting environment presents a possible vector for attackers to target an organisation. In organisations of even moderate size, this can amount to a huge number of assets which need to be catalogued and monitored. Over time, many more shadow IT systems can become attached to an organisation through mergers or use of multiple service providers.

Knowing what assets an organisation has under management is key to understanding and being able to formulate a plan to manage risk. This can be especially prevalent for organisations performing due diligence as part of mergers and acquisitions. Absorbing vulnerable or already compromised assets into an organisations IT environment can have catastrophic consequences.

Realize Security's ASM solution can quickly and effectively map the attack surface of one or multiple organisations to provide you with a clear picture of assets under management. The output of this assessment can be rapidly disseminated to the relevant teams for additional investigation or used as inputs for more targeted penetration testing.

Realize Security can even perform much this testing with little to no contact direct contact with your organisation's assets. This is especially useful for organisations who want to begin the process but are subject to strict penetration testing budgets and windows.

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