What is a force multiplier?

A specialised force able to, inverse to size, enhance or enable the capabilities of a larger force.

How is this relevant to me?

Hiring skilled penetration testers is expensive and when business is slow, it can be risky. When utilisation is low expensive assets can represent a significant drain on profitability. As such, cautious hiring practices can mean under-staffing at critical periods, resulting in reduced ability to deliver for clients.

Realize Security offers a force multiplication service whereby our testers can stand in on an ad-hoc basis to deliver engagements when your business is busy and full time staff are not available. The best part is, if after an engagement your utilisation drops, you don't have to keep paying us, unless we're needed again.


Our team can be as visible or invisible as you like. All communications and testing aims to be be seamless from an end-client perspective and all testing, communications and reporting remains under your brand.


We operate under mutual NDA and handle both your data and that of the client with strongest adherence to data protection standards ad privacy.


We've been successfully operating on this model for some time with existing players in the cyber security world and can provide references where needed.

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