Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

"Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of data gathered from open sources (covert and publicly available sources) to produce actionable intelligence. OSINT is primarily used in national security, law enforcement, and business intelligence functions and is of value to analysts who use non-sensitive intelligence in answering classified, unclassified, or proprietary intelligence requirements across the previous intelligence disciplines."

- Wikipedia

We found that with Google, what else can Google find? As it turns out, a lot. Many security professionals are unaware of the amount of information that is available about their organisation, and how this information can be used by threat actors to gain access to your systems and data.

This technique is used on a daily basis by threat actors from nation states to cyber criminals, and is a key part of their reconnaissance process.

Chances are that you have a number of public facing assets, such as S3 buckets, Docker images, websites, social media accounts, and other online presences, these assets can be used by threat actors to gather information in order to gain access to your systems and data.

When a compromise occurs, there is a strong chance, this is where the attacker started. Using OSINT it is possible to identify potential avenues of exploitation, from identifying key personnel, physical locations and sensitive digital assets.


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