CREST Accreditation Status

Realize Security Ltd. is not a CREST accredited organisation. The cost and complexity of accreditation means that in the short-term, we are unable to provide this service directly.

As of the March 2024, however, we have completed our UKAS accredited ISO9001 and ISO27001 first stage audit and are building towards being able to become a CREST member. Watch this space!

Partner Organisations

Realize Security Ltd. is, however, able to offer CREST accredited testing via subcontracting agreements with partner organisations. This allows us to offer a CREST accredited service at extremely competitive rates.

What does this mean for you?

In practice this means that your agreement would be with a third-party penetration testing organisation, but Realize Security would perform the work and do all reporting. The third party would simply add a quality assurance check and sign off from a technical standpoint.


You: Sounds expensive!

Us: Nope! Our standing agreement with the third-party means we can offer exceptionally competitive rates. Your organisation can continue to meet it's compliance and security requirements whilst saving significantly on budget.

In our experience, this has resulted in massive savings of up tp 50%. In trying times, that's not bad.

Would you like to know more?

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Our Mission

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